Monday, 7 August 2017

I'm constantly in awe of the things that God is doing in my world through the way he speaks to me, the way he guides me and the way he uses those around me. My world can get so busy sometimes with so much that it can be hard to find the time to properly sit and just have a chat God. I have found recently that in the moments where I find I don't have enough time to sit and journal or read his word, just listening to some worship music can be just as intimate. So I thought I would share my top 5 favourites with you!


This is hands down my all time favourite song at the moment. I could honestly listen to it over and over and never get sick of it.... I might already be guilty of this actually.




This is also one of those songs that I will never get sick of listening to. When it's played by a live band it's even better. Our school band used to play this one every now and then and it was always insaaane!


This post was inspired by one of my lovely friends Sarah from Falling Into You who did a similar post over on her blog. You should check her blog out!

XO, Danielle



Friday, 28 July 2017

Let's mark this post as my Mt Vic Experience round two, okay? Okay.

This time around during our trip to Wellywood we visited Mount Victoria more than just the mandatory one time visit that you're expected to take when spending more than just one day in the windy city. I'm definitely not complaining about it either.

The seven of us that travelled down to Wellington City together managed to book an amazing Airbnb right on top of the stunning mountain itself. It was LITERALLY right on top too, we stayed in a house only a few meters from the famous lookout. It was incredible and we definitely made the most of it.

After watching the sunset over the city before going to bed, watching the sunrise in the morning from our bedroom window and running out to take photos before going off to buy dinner one night as we watched all of the city lights slowly flicker on, left me in absolute awe of how stunning our country really is. New Zealand is definitely one of those countries that is so underrated for it's magnificence and I kinda love that about it. It's that little bit of paradise that no one really takes note of - that secret spot that only few get to experience the magic in. It's quiet but beautiful and will forever be considered my home. I can not get enough of it.

Not only did we make the most of our accommodation's location, but we also made the most of having an adult free week. We went to bed at around 4 almost every morning and the photographs above are evidence of the night we only hopped in bed at 8am and got 60 minutes of sleep before a full day of adventure and another late night. (I say that this was making the most of having no rules but even when we're at home we're out till ridiculous hours of the morning together hahah)

The same night that we only went to bed at 8am was also the night we spent having photo scavenger hunts in the city, sipping frozen cokes at 3am and sitting in our van having a DMC. It was hands down one of my favourite nights of them all. There's something about deep late night chats in the back of your car with your closest friends that is so refreshing and therapeutic.

It was a good night. I wish our local lookout was as stunner as this one.

XO, Danielle

PS: Just like the last Wellywood post, all of these photographs were shot by one of my good friends Jeremy Jacob. To check out more of his work just click on his name and you'll be directed to his gram!



Wednesday, 26 July 2017

LOCATION: Desert Road

There is nothing better in life than a good roadie with your closest friends. Last week six of us packed up our bags, loaded one of the church vans and headed on our way over to Wellington for Arise Conference 2017. We were expectant for a week of adventure, fun and to experience a fresh touch from God. Our excitement levels were at 100 and we were so ready for a week away from everyday life - no rules, no adults, just us and God. Nothing but absolute bliss. 

In amongst the excitement however were the distant recollections of weather warnings, closed roads and the "What if something happens to us on the way over?" thoughts. The week prior had been full of torrential rain, heavy wind, snow and closed roads for little old New Zealand. We had been praying that everything would have cleared up by the time we were supposed to embark on our journey and as excited as we were for what was to come, that excitement was also met with a whole lotta nerves.

But we believed God would make a way for us to get where we needed to go and He did just that.

"SNOOOOWW!" is all I remember hearing as Brodie's excitement came bubbling out of him. The mere sight of the soft white frosting covering Desert Road put the biggest smile not only on his face but all of ours. 

The dreaded desert road that we'd been anxiously anticipating the whole ride over to the bottom of the North Island suddenly turned from "Let's get this over and done with and hope we don't die." to "Park the dang van ASAP, I need to jump into the icy goodness next to the road."

Brodie, not being able to contain his excitement any longer was obviously the first to jump out into the cold. Boy was it hilarious. He had a cheesy grin spread across his face like he was a kid at an amusement park. As he stuck his bare hands into the cold to form a snowball the rest of us piled out into the snow to join in on the fun.

As Brodie jumped forward to take a step into a bigger pile of snow, the patch he took a step into was a lot deeper than he first anticipated and his feet sunk down to his ankles leading him to let out a shriek.

"I've got wet in my shoes." was the only thing that came out his mouth. It left us all in hysterics as he paused to figure out what he'd actually said.

It was ice cold but beautiful. Our feet sank into the ground but out footprints looked awesome. Our hands froze when it touched the ice but throwing snowballs at each other as we watched cars zoom by was the most fun I've had in a while.

It was magnificent.

I love snow.

God took our nerves and anxiety and turned it into something far more fun and exciting than we ever would have guessed. Never underestimate the fact that God will always make a way for you.

XO, Danielle

PS: All of these photographs were shot by one of my good friends Jeremy Jacob, to check out more of his work just click on his name and you'll be directed to his insta!

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